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Welcome to Insurophile: A Very Insurancy Site

On Insurophile, we work to educate you on the world of insurance. This may be the home of the gay insurance agent, but we welcome all.

Prior to my own entry into the field, I was probably like most of you. I had little concept of insurance, other than knowing I needed it. Going online to get a car insurance quote and sticking an insurance ID card in my glove box was the extent of my exposure. Thankfully, at that point, I never had to use it.

Once I became an insurance professional, however, my eyes opened. I understood that insurance is more than a monthly expense from my checking account: it’s security.

Insurophile hopes to enlighten and edify. Perhaps you just want to know where to get cheap car insurance, but Insurophile will also advise why cheaper isn’t always better. We also plan to offer frank analyses on trends within the industry and debunk myths which may lie within your minds.

Most people are concerned with the bottom line, as in the premium, but the “why” in insurance is even more important. If you know why a coverage exists and why it’s crucial to have, that makes you a more educated consumer. I’m not saying to go bust the bank account on insurance tomorrow, but keep your mind open to learning. If there’s one thing an insurance professional likes, it’s an informed insured.

Please note that while we are happy to point you in the right direction, Insurophile can’t answer all your insurance questions. Whether a business owner or homeowner, nobody knows your risks better than you. Before making any insurance-related decisions, consult with an agent or broker who is familiar with your account. If you don’t have an agent or broker, it wouldn’t hurt to get one.

Welcome to Insurophile, where all your insurance dreams come true. Assuming you had them, which would be a little strange. And if they do, we hope they’re fabulous.

Please remember to read our Disclaimer.

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