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About Insurophile and Disclaimer

Insurophile is a website intended to inform, educate, and enlighten visitors about property and casualty insurance matters.

This website is NOT intended to advise a viewer on any specific decisions to make with regard to coverage. We strongly encourage all visitors to review their unique insurance needs with an insurance agent or broker, or risk management consultant. Furthermore, any legal matters should be discussed with a legal professional. We are not offering legal advice, nor is it our intention to do so.

All visitors are encouraged to take the information they discover here, gain further education, and consult with an insurance professional. Insurophile assumes no responsibility for any decisions a reader makes, or does not make, as a result of reading this website. The reader assumes all risk and responsibility for their own actions.

Website Content Policy

All material written on this website is the property of Insurophile. Permission is not granted to copy or syndicate content on Insurophile. Other websites or media sources may cite or excerpt from Insurophile, provided that this is accompanied by a link or appropriate citation. If you have any questions as to what constitutes an appropriate citation of Insurophile content, please contact us.

Privacy Policy

Insurophile’s Privacy Policy continues to develop and evolve. Please come back soon.

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Minors Under Age 13

Insurophile is not geared towards any minors, especially those under age 13, nor is it intended to solicit them in any fashion. We make no effort to collect minors’ personally identifiable information. Please contact the Insurophile management immediately to take appropriate action if you believe such information may have been collected. We will eliminate any such information from our servers if we discover we have obtained it.


At this time, Insurophile is not transmitted under secure channels, such as an SSL. We try maintain a secure website experience otherwise, but please proceed with caution.

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This website and its pages and articles may from time to time link to other websites. We hope that these links contain context and adequate sources for our work. These websites are often not owned by, operated by, or affiliated with Insurophile management. Please be sure to review the Privacy Policies of any external websites as carefully as possible. We do not assume any responsibility for the Privacy Policies or management practices of those websites.

Privacy Policy Changes

The Insurophile Privacy Policy is subject to change without notice. Please revisit this page periodically for updates, and to remain familiar with our updated policies.